Chloe Bidiman

Chloe Bidiman is the oldest of the four children of Pastor Jason and Cheris. She grew up in Jefferson and has attended ALC her entire life. Chloe served as a volunteer for children's ministry in her youth and she began working for ALC soon after graduating high school in 2022. She also serves as a leader for the Youth Group, and she uses her musical gift to play piano for the worship team. Chloe was married to her husband, Layne, in May of 2023, and they now live together in South Salem.

Chloe's Fun Facts

Favorite thing about ALC

That we are all about relationships and doing our best to make sure no one, whether they’ve been at ALC for sixty seconds or sixty years, leaves here feeling unwelcome or unloved.

Who/what inspires you

It really inspires me when I can do something to make someone smile

Something few people know

I know how to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s Cube in two minutes flat

Something you enjoy

Reading adventure, mystery, romance, or fantasy novels