Joe & Hilary Zehr

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Joe's Fun Facts


December 12

Favorite thing about ALC

We are a church that loves each other as we are without having to pretend to be anything we aren't.

What inspires you?

What I find inspiring in books and movies are stories of people who do the right thing, no matter the circumstances or personal sacrifice. I am moved by that kind of character when I see it in the Gospels, or Greek mythology, or a novel, or a superhero movie.

Favorite coffee drink

This one's easy. Filbert Latte (don't call it Hazelnut)

Something few people know

I can't decide which flavor of ice cream is the best, pistachio or black licorice.

Where you would like to travel

So many places! Currently the top of the list are Washington, DC and the Caribbean.

Hilary's Fun Facts


July 19

Favorite thing about ALC

The people who have become like family and the tangible presence of God in worship

What inspires you?

Jesus and the Word of God, and my family and kids

Something few people know

I had a pet lizard & hermit crab as a kid

Farthest I've traveled


Something you enjoy

Coffee, sunshine, and family and friends