Pastor Bill & Dorothy Graybill

Bill and Dorothy met in Albany, Oregon, and have enjoyed life together since 1974. They spent 3 years in Springfield, Missouri, where Bill received his Master's degree in Christian Education. In 2000, he earned his Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership. He is a public speaker, adjunct professor and published author. His latest book is entitled, Resolve Conflict God's Way: The Skills You Need To Make Peace.

They have pastored Abundant Life Center in Jefferson, Oregon, since 1978. This had been an exciting journey for them and they continue to enjoy sharing life with God together with the people of ALC.

Bill and Dorothy have enjoyed their travels together as Bill has taught conflict and anger management internationally and across the U.S.A. A highlight of their summer is to go camping with family and hang out together. Sharing a latte is also hight on their list of life's joys...especially if a cookie is included!

They have two boys, Dan and Mark, two wonderful daughters-in-law, April and Emily, and six adorable grandchildren.

Bill's Fun Facts


January 8

Farthest you’ve traveled from home

Cape Town, South Africa

Favorite coffee drink

Americano, extra hot

Who's your hero

Nelson Mandela - so mistreated but did not turn to bitterness and hate

Favorite Authors

A. W. Towzer and Andy Stanley

Where would you like to go that you've never been?

Iceland - during summer!

Dorothy's Fun Facts


August 10

Favorite thing about ALC

The people! They are friendly, non-judgmental, want to grow in God, and care about each other.


Children: Dan and wife, April; Mark and wife, Emily - Plus 6 beautiful grandchildren!

Who's your Hero

Mother Teresa - for her simplicity in sharing God's love to those in need.

Something you enjoy

Water aerobics