Pastor Jason & Cheris Liptac

Jason and Cheris come to ALC from Spokane, Washington. Jason came as youth pastor in 1995. After three years he journeyed into the marketplace to gain experience that would prepare him for future ministry. He became a top salesman at Oregon Hot Springs Spas while managing the Salem store. From there he ventured into real estate as a residential agent.

Cheris came to Jefferson in 2001, and married Jason in 2002. They have four terrific children, Chloe, Malachi, Jared and Phoebe. While both are busy parenting, they take time to be a community-minded family.

They have been involved in many areas of ministry including eldership, teaching, counseling, sports ministry, and serving wherever needed. Jason transitioned into the role of lead Pastor of ALC in October of 2013.

In their free time Jason enjoys target practice and fishing. Cheris has a heart for worship, is a homeschooling mom and enjoys spending time with friends.

Jason's Fun Facts


May 1

Favorite thing about ALC

The people have a heart after God and are flexible to change in order to see God move in their lives.

Farthest you’ve traveled from home


Favorite coffee drink

Raspberry mocha

Favorite Sports Team

Green Bay Packers

Unique Fact

I have a key chain collection

Cheris' Fun Facts


October 6

Favorite thing about ALC

The ease in which I was able to find friends that have now become an extension of my family.


Children: Chloe, Malachi, Jared and Phoebe

Favorite singer

Kim Walker

Who/What Inspires Me

Jesus, my husband and kids, Smith Wigglesworth, Beth Moore, taking a hike in the Pacific Northwest!