Steve & Chris Weintraub

Steve grew up on Long Island, NY, in a Jewish home and attended Hebrew school. Chris grew up in San Francisco Bay Area in a Catholic home, attending a private catholic school. They met in Albany where Steve had a dental practice.

In 1979, they became Christians, were married at ALC and have attended faithfully since that time. They have serve as elders and have been key influencers in general and specifically in the Children's Ministries. Every child is special to the Weintraubs!

"We are grateful for the spiritual growth through the teaching we have received and for the relationships we have had throughout the years with the ALC family."

Steve's Fun Facts


April 6

Favorite thing about ALC

Friendly relaxed atmosphere where I can enjoy God, people and grow spiritually

Farthest you’ve traveled from home


One of your heroes

Ronald Reagan for his values and leadership skills

Unique Fact

I once caught an alligator - only briefly - and lived to tell about it!

Chris' Fun Facts


November 7


Husband, Steve, Daughter Rachael, Sons Ben and Andrew - plus my 5 amazing grandchildren.

One of your heroes

Bill Wilson of Metro Ministries, NYC

Something few people know

I competed in a triathlon